Graphic novel features Castor and Pollus

Olympus by Nathan Edmonson, art by Christian Ward (Image Comics)

Before Loki was an Agent of Asgard, Castor and Pollux were agents of Olympus, charged by Zeus to protect humanity from evil artifacts and fugitives from divine justice.

This trade paperback brings together all four issues of this 2009 mini-series. Castor and Pollux are the twin sons of Leda, Queen of Sparta, and Zeus, King of the gods. Set in modern times, the brothers, known as the Dioscuri, have been sent to capture an escapee from Hades. In the process, they unwittingly release an even more terrible menace, one who threatens the delicate balance between the human realm and the divine.

The story is driven by the brothers’ characterization and chemistry. Their loyalty and devotion to each other has been forged across three thousand years. They are immortal heroes, but at each New Year’s they must die and return to the underworld, as part of their bargain with Zeus.

The story is simple and strong, and Christian Ward’s electric watercolors are the perfect medium to depict these Hellenic heroes and their mythic foes.


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