The Wedding Preparations by Hellanim

The Wedding Preparations by Hellanim

Scandinavian (Norse) mythology … and here it goes “The Wedding Preparation in Åsgard”, Thor like a lovely bride and Loki disguised as his bridesmaid … I LOVE this myth … How Thrym stole Thor´s hammer.

This is my all-time favourite illustration of this myth! Thor tearing holes in the stockings he’s trying to put on, while Loki is already dressed, and applying a touch of lip gloss!

For those who don’t know the story:

Thrym the Jotun stole Thor’s hammer, and would return it only if the beautiful goddess Freya agreed to become his wife.

Knowing his family’s proclivities, Thor was surprised that Freya objected to the Jotun’s demands as strongly as she did. Thor, in fact, went so far as to point out that Freya slept with everyone, and that she should be pleased because Thrym was not only rich, but undoubtedly otherwise well-endowed. Freya’s response was both outraged and strident, and soon the entire family was embroiled.

The gods took council together, and Loki came up with one of his more brilliant ideas: he and Thor would disguise themselves as Freya and her handmaiden to trick Thrym into returning the hammer.

It was Thor’s turn to object, but he was overruled. Garments suitable for the wedding of a daughter of Odin and Frigga were made for him to wear. Freya adorned the scowling god of thunder with her magical cloak of falcon feathers and her famous amber jewels. Freya’s handmaidens had a rather better time dressing the mischievous Loki as a bridesmaid, applying cosmetics, and styling his hair.

With Thor heavily veiled and crowned with a bridal wreath of flowers, the two set off to Jotunheim. Thrym was a great chieftain, and welcomed them with a magnificent feast. The bride’s great appetite for food surprised them all, and everyone agreed that they had never they seen a woman who could drink so much mead.

Finally, it was time for the wedding, and Thrym signalled for Mjolnir to be brought forth, according to his promise. As soon as Thor’s gloved hands curled around the handle of his hammer, he stood up and threw off the bridal veil. He smote Thrym a mighty blow, and the Jotun fell dead at his feet. Calling down the lightning, Thor destroyed the giant’s hall, and he and Loki returned to Asgard victorious.


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