Zeus by jcssic

The Evolution of Irish Heroes

brightredbirdie-deactivated2015: Ireland was once a Celtic nation, full of lore and myth about great heroes, nature spirits, faerie folk, and all manner of strange monsters and giants. Figures like Cuchulainn and Finn McCool (to use their simplified anglicized names) were once the gold standard for anyone hoping to become a heroic figure. Times change, and…

Reclining Pan | Finding gods in museums

Reclining Pan, c. 1535, attributed to Francesco da Sangallo. Photo by Preston Page. Columnist Eric O. Scott on finding the gods in art museums:  Reclining Pan | The Wild Hunt

Roman Mosaic of Minerva

Mosaic of Minerva from Tusculum, 3rd century CE. Vatican Museum. The surrounding lunar phases were added in the 18th century when it was installed in the Vatican Museum. The goddess is shown with the aegis, an abject which, according to Virgil “… Athene wears in her angry moods – a fearsome thing with a surface of…