Artist’s Renedition of Pagan Temple, Ranheim, Norway

Today, Germanic Reconstructionists, Asaturar, and Heathens honor Olvir of Trondheim. Olvir was a community leader who was among those killed when King Olaf Trygvasson, who ruled from 995-1000, swept down on his village after hearing rumours that the supposedly Christianized villiagers continued to practise pagan rites.

In 2012, archaeologists uncovered an unusually well-preserved pagan temple near Trondheim, which was in use from the 6th or 5th century BCE until the 10th century CE. This temple was apparently dismantled and covered with a thick layer of soil around 895-99o CE. At that time, a number of families from the area left the area to find new homes in the islands in the North Atlantic, and in Iceland.

Hail, Olvir! Hail, the steadfast Heathens of Trondheim!


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