Cybele Mother of Gods and Gift-Giver to Mortals by Margareta Van Wagner , 1824. Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, New Jersey.

This watercolor is just one of three known works by Margareta Van Wagner. It was created for Margaret Zabriskie when the artist was about 14 years old. One of a pair, the other painting depicts the the goddess seated in a chariot drawn by lions, holding a garland. These works may be examples of theorem painting.

Cybele is also the subject of the other known painting by Margareta Van Wagner. It was painted in 1824, when she was 20 years old. To view this painting, and find more information about the artist, click here

Today marks the Hilaria Matris Deûm, a festival in honor of Cybele, the Mother of the Gods. It began with a solemn procession in which the statue of the goddess was carried, followed by games in her honor, amusements and masquerades.


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