Steampunk Aphrodite

Steampunk Aphrodite by MarkoTheSketchGuy   In a parallel, steampunk reality, ancient Greek gods are still being worshiped. Once a year, during the Love festival, thousands of worshipers get together in Aphrodite’s temple to witness a miracle – Aphrodite’s spirit descends into a giant steam powered automaton sculpture and does the dance of love, as a…

Aquilifer and Signifer of the 2nd Century CE by Angel García Pinto.   This is the second Rosaliae Signorum of May, a supplicatio (festival of thanksgiving) celebrated by the  Roman army. The standards were removed from the shrine of the fort or camp, placed around an altar, anointed with perfumed oil, garlanded with roses, and accorded…

Prayer Request

A member of my immediate family is in hospital with internal bleeding. Finding the source of this problem and treating it has been complicated by the sudden onset of delirium since he was admitted. Updates to this blog will, of necessity, be intermittent until his health improves to a much less critical level of concern….

hadrian6: Mercury Inventing the Caduceus.  1878. Jean Antoine Marie Idrac. French 1849-1884. marble. Musee d’Orsay.

Ceres (Demeter) , Roman, circa 1st c. AD. Bronze. Miho Museum, Kyoto Today is the Ambarvalia, Roman agricultural fertility rite held in honor of Ceres.

Persephone by Christian Friedrich Tieck,19th century CE.   

Fortuna Publica

Dea Fortuna Resti Con Noi (Goddess of Fortune Stay With Us) by Elihu Vedder, 1893.  Oil on canvas. Yale University Art Gallery. Today is the roman festival of Fortuna Publica, the luck, fate, or fortune of the public or the State, as opposed to the luck, fate, or chance of the individual. O,Goddess! Be favorable to us…

Numa Pompilius Establishes the Cult of the Vestals by Guiseppe Cesari, Cavalier d’Arpino, 1636-1638. Fresco. Hall of the Horatii and Curiatii, Capitoline Museums, Rome. Numa, who reigned circe 717–673 BCE, appointed the first two Vestal priestesses, and provided salaries for them from the state treasury. Numa also appointed the Pontifex Maximus to watch over the Vestals

Hermes and Maia by  Melissa Kasper. 2011. When I was making this illustration I had not intended to have any context behind it, however, the facial expressions and demeanors of the characters began to remind me of Hermes and Maia. The clever Hermes occupies his time with playing a musical instrument. His mother, caught up…

Hephaestus by Vasilis Zikos

Thargelia once again celebrated in Greece

The ancient Pagan festival of Thargelia is once again being celebrated publicly in Greece by members of The Supreme Council of the Greek National (YSEE), an umbrella group working to restore the traditional polytheistic religions of Greece…   Thargelia once again celebrated in Greece