Selene by Maria Gamundi, 2011. Kettle Pond, Newport News, Virginia. Photo by Jerry Gammon, 2014. Advertisements

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thewickedgriffin: And the Irminsul is finally done 😍 well, going to attach to a cord, then it will be all done.

makepeacearts: Finished a small art card request from ages ago. Now back to commission work. 🙂

Hestia by DoroxDoro

The central role of asceticism in Roman religious and philosophical life has often been obscured by scholars of western civilization who assume that asceticism is primarily a Christian phenomenon in the West. Long before the emergence of Christian asceticism, however, many Roman philosophers of a wide variety proposed sophisticated systems of ascetical formation. The ascetical…

Hermes, 1st century CE, Roman. Marble.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.  Dimensions: Overall: 26 ¾ x 23 1/2in. (67.9 x 59.7cm)

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. Located within the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, two hours south of Athens. Photograph: 

Aphrodite by Colette O’Brien. Mosaic, 2003. 

BACCHUS. by amartinsdebarros

Vulcan by Helmut Hillencamp, Christy Hengst, Fausty Cardoso,  Miguel Cajamarca, Rafael Orellana, Manuel Guerra, Vincente Maldonado, and Mauricio Quezada. Iron, cement, enameled ceramic tiles, rocks, bricks and baked clay. 1997.   Plaza de Las Herrerías, Cuenca, Ecuador. This statue is located on Calle de las Herrerías (Street of the Blacksmiths), a neighborhood historically occupied by numerous blacksmiths shops, and…