Printed on border: 

From a painting by Charles M. Sheldon, based on Pausanias,
and specially made for “Wonders of the Past” (1924) 

The Zeus of Pheidias,
Loftiest Embodiment of Divinity in Art

Constructed by Pheidias, the Athenian, the statue of Olympian Zeus which adorned the temple at Olympia in Elis was universally conceded to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. And this reconstruction in colour makes real for us the seemingly exaggerated expressions of admiration which it elicited from the ancients. “The sight of the figure would make a man forget all his troubles, however worn out he might be with sleeplessness and sorrow,” said Dio Chrysostom, the orator.

From the Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library. “The Zeus of Pheidias, loftiest embodiment of divinity in art.” New York Public Library Digital Collections. Accessed July 6, 2015. 


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