Zeus and Hera II by sculptor Carole Feuerman, 2004. Photo by Wally Gobetz. Grounds for Sculpture,  Hamilton,  New Jersey. Via Flickr: Zeus and Hera II was designed by sculptor Carole Feuerman in 2004. Rather than a traditional cast, Carole Feuerman developed a process of pouring molten metals, in this case bronze and aluminum, directly into molds. While the…

Mycenaean Place discovered at Sparta On August 25, 2015 the Greek Culture Ministry announced: “The palace complex of Aghios Vassilios provides us with a unique opportunity to investigate, with the use of modern excavation and analysis methods, the creation and evolution of a Mycenaean palatial center in order to reconstruct the political, administrative, economic and social organization…

Apollo with griffin

jeromeof: “Apollo with griffon” – from Pompeii, House of Menander (1st half 1st century AD) – Naples Archaeological Museum – “Augustus and Campania” – Exhibition at Archaeological Museum of Naples, until May 4, 2015 http://ift.tt/1Gv4m5T

The Cloak Of Night (Goddess Nyx) by Heidi Wastweet

The Cloak Of Night by Heidi Wastweet, 2000. Bronze.   “Nyx, Greek goddess of night, daughter of Chaos, mother of Hypnos the god of sleep, unfurls her cloak over the setting sun to mark the end of day. Swirling, twisting and flowing around the dutiful Nyx, the stars and moon are unveiled. Like time, always in…

Dedication of the Temple of Sol and Luna

Sol and Luna, sculpted by Thomas Nicholls, 1870. Clock Tower, Cardiff Castle, South Wales, United Kingdom . This day marks the dedication of the Temple of Sol and Luna, which was actually inside the Circus Maximus, Rome. Because of the location, both deities may have been depicted driving chariots.

honorthegods: Kylix (Drinking Vessel) with Woman Sacrificing. Attica, ca. 490-480 BCE. Toldeo Museum of Art, Ohio, United States. The image on this vessel is attributed to Makron, a painter active in ancient Athens. Though only one signed example of his work seems to have survived, more than 350 red-figure vessels have been attributed to him….

A Vestal Virgin by George Lawrence Bulleid, 1904.

gracedpalmer: Ba’al Shamin: Ba’al Shamin is a Syrian god and the patron of the city of Palmyra between about 1000 BCE and its capture by Rome in the 3rd century CE. This warrior god is best known from his temple in that city, where he is shown in full armor and carrying a Roman-style sword….

Hermes/Mercurius by  Memos Makris, 1981. Copper. Trinity Square, Budapest, Hungary.

Transparent light blue glass paste gem engraved with Ganymede seated on a rock and giving a drink from a bowl to the eagle of Zeus, which grasps his knee with its claw. 1st-3rd centuries CE. 1.3 centimetres in length, 1 centimetre in height. British Museum. Ganymede was a handsome prince of Troy who found favor with Zeus,…

The Excavations at Pompeii by Louis Francais, 1886. This work is in a private collection.

Vesuvius from Portici by Joseph Wright, circa 1774–1776. The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California. Today we remember the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum on August 24, 79 CE.