Demeter in Search of Persephone by ThanasisTzortzis, 2012.

The moon rises over the fields as the work stretches into the evening. Photograph by Mark Davis, 2014, Omaha World-Herald. ”Pray to Haides, and to pure Demeter, to make Demeter’s holy grain sound and heavy…” – Hesiod, Works and Days

innerartspirit: Demeter/ Autumn The personification of Autumn is the goddess Demeter, the goddess of the harvest.  She’s also called Ceres, which is where we get the word cereal.  So each morning as you eat your morning cereal, you should be thankful for the grains that went into preparing that.  Agricultural societies were much more aware…

Temple of Ceres at Eleusis by Joseph Gandy (1818)

loversandsupporterofeleusis: There is evidence of thousands of years of building activity at Eleusis, from megarons of the Mycenaean Bronze Age to temples constructed at the command of Roman Emperors through Late Antiquity.  Working from archaeological evidence, Gandy depicted the site as it may have looked in the second century CE. The large building in the…

The Mysteries of Eleusis

My posts for the next few days will be related to the Mysteries of Eleusis. The Mysteries began during the Bronze Age, and continued until the decree of Theodosius I in 393 C.E. prohibiting the public practice of traditional religion. The Lesser Mysteries were held each year in the month of Anthesterion (February), with the Greater…

fuckyeahphysica: Supermoon Lunar Eclipse – 4 hours to go! I decided to snap a few pictures of the moon before the big event and it was Glorious! Don’t miss out on the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, only 4 hours to go 🙂

Opening of the Roman Market in Braga, Portugal by Joseolgon, May 2010. Salve! Venus et Ceres benedicat tibi! Thank you to all the Romans who visited honorthegods this weekend!

Ceres, silhouetted against the rising harvest moon. Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City. Photograph by Charlie Riedel/Associated Press. Image source: The Telegraph, 23 September 2010.

Venus Genetrix

Venus Genetrix  Roman, 1st century CE. Marble. Detroit Institute of Arts. Statue is 58.0 x 25.0 x 17.25 inches ( 147.3 x 63.5 x 43.8 cm)   This is Venus in her aspect of Goddess of Motherhood. Julius Caesar believed he was descended from her through Aeneas, son of Anchises, and built a temple to her…

Hephaestus by Micheal Jones, 2015. The original painting is still available for purchase. Prints also available.

Fountain of Neptune by Bartolomeo Ammannati, 1565. Piazza della Signoria , Florence, Italy. Photo by Ata Foto Grup Via Flickr