Local diggers with Blanche Wheeler Williams (second from right) and Harriet Boyd Hawes (far right). Gournia, Vrete, 1901.

Boyd Hawes was the first woman to direct an excavation in Greece, and the first woman to speak before the Archaeological Institute of America. The two archaeologists discovered an important Minoan Bronze Age site with a palace and more than 60 houses at Gournia. The temple they found contained a terracotta statue of a female with upraised arms (possibly a goddess), terracotta birds (perhaps originally attached to the statue), an offering stand with images of snakes, and a clay tripod altar. 


Above left: “snake tube” offering stand from Gournia; a bowl would have been placed on top to hold the gifts.

Above right: Statue of a female with raised arms from Gournia. 


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