Hecate by Bruce Rimell.  

We have reached the gate of the Propylaia, where the veil of silence descends over the rites. Hecate is a constant presence throughout Eleusis, often shapeshifting into Rhea and Artemis, marking her out as a Mistress of the Wild Places, the kinds of places that Demeter herself would have wandered in her initial grief. But she is also an encapsulation of the three Eleusinian Goddesses – Rhea, Demeter and Persephone – in a single identity. A Mistress of the Wilds who is also a Great Mother and a Worker of Dark Magic recalls each deity in turn. And as a Lady of Boundaries, she is sister to Hermes. Not for nothing was the Propylaia, the entrance gate to the Sanctuary at Eleusis, sacred to Hecate. She is a true transcendent Gatekeeper, for upon her trifold ghostly face can be seen written the entirety of the blessed Eleusinian secret…

Image and quotation posted with the kind permission of Mr. Bruce Rimell.

Copyright © 2002-2015 Bruce Rimell:

 Artwork and quote are copyrighted to Bruce Rimell and may not be reproduced in any form unless stated otherwise.   

Please do not re-post this image anywhere without the permission of Bruce Rimell.  

View the other images of his Eleusis series here:  http://www.biroz.net/eleusis/eleusis.htm

If you would like to express appreciation for this fantastic art, or just want to connect and say hello, Mr Rimell can be contacted at his website.


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