Vestal Virgins Brooch /Pendant by René Foy, circa 1900.

Ancient Greek Faces by Tommy Hacker, 2009.   Watercolor and acrylic on paper.  

Plato’s Academy

Platos’s Academy. Early 1st century BCE, Villa of T. Siminius Stephanus, Pompeii. National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy. Photograph by Sergey Sosnovskiy. Figures from the left: Heraclites Pontico, Lysias, Plato, a visitor, Senocrates Theophrastus, and Aristotle.

Spartan Warrior

Draped Warrior  510-500 BC, Bronze, 5 15/16 inches. Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. This is one of my favorite statues from antiquity. The long hair indicates that this warrior is a Spartan, and the transverse crest suggests he is an officer. Although the statue is very small, the figure has a lot of attitude.

Hercules Dancing with Omphale

  Hercules Dancing with Omphale by Rudolph Tegner, 1808. Rudolph Tegner Museum, Denmark. Copyright © 1997 Carlos Parada and Maicar Förlag   The Delphic oracle ordered Heracles to serve Omphale, Queen of Lydia, as a slave for one year to atone for murdering Iphitos, who stole the cattle of Heracles. Omphale made Heracles wear women’s clothes,…

Poseidon mosaic, Giardini Poseidon Water Park, Citara, Ischia, Bay of Naples, Campania, Italy. Photo Credit: Danita Delimont/Getty Images (Source:

5 Reasons to be Friends With a Hellenic Polytheist

temples-wreathed-in-laurel: (I saw one of these on mindbodygreen or something with yoga instructors and I thought it was cute, so~~~) 1. Very hospitable and nice when you come over to their house. 2. Nice taste in art, has lots of info on sculptures and vases. 3. Awesome story teller. 4. Dedicated. It takes a lot…

Hephaestus by Dimitri Hadzi, 1977. Raubenheimer Music Building, University Of Southern California, University Park, Los Angeles, California. Photographed by  by ArtFan70 Via Flickr:

mariaaragon64: an expressionistic piece: Ares – Admonition, or as William Tecumseh Sherman said, “War is Hell.”

Bacchus by Richard Taddei, 2009. This painting is in a private collection.