Statue of Mars Ultor.

He is standing, left arm along the body and raised his right arm. He is clothed in the armor faceplate decorated with scrolls and palmettes finely inlaid silver; the double row of mantling is also inlaid with silver ivy leaves. The face, turned slightly to the right has a beard formed long curly strands; the eyes are inlaid with silver. He is wearing a Corinthian helmet, cheeks cover encrusted with ivy foliage. Bronze and silver inlay. Roman art, second to third century. H_26,5 cm Roman bronze with silver inlays statuette of the god Mars Ultor. 2nd-3rd century AD in 10.4. high.

Acquired in 1940, and remained in the family descendants to date collection of Madame SW The original statues of Mars Ultor, March Winner ’, is now fully determined. Furtwängler was the first to show in 1897 that the series of aftershocks dated back to an original famous from the time of Augustus statue that stood in the temple of Mars Ultor, dedicated by the emperor in the year 2 BC on the Forum. This opinion was confirmed by Gsell in 1899 on the interpretation of a bas-relief of Carthage where images of the god and Venus are associated, as they were in the temple of Rome.

Mars Ultor was raised by Augustus to the rank of supreme protector of armies. During the second and third centuries it ranked first among the deities honored in military camps. So the troops, spreading his cult to the borders of the Empire, popularized in all Latin provinces the figure of the god.

This piece was sold in June 2012 for €115,000.


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