Sleeping Hercules

welkinlions: Sleeping Hercules Baccio Bandinelli (1493-1560) 1550 Bartolommeo (or Baccio) Bandinelli, actually Bartolommeo Brandini (17 October 1493 – shortly before 7 February 1560), was a Renaissance Italian sculptor, draughtsman and painter. Being a hero is exhausting, don’t let anyone tell you different.

What can you tell me of Julian the Philosopher/”The Apostate”?

Julian is one of my personal heroes. He’s basically the role model for anyone who ever adopted a religion which didn’t meet the approval of their family.  He was born in Constantinople in 331 CE, a grandson of Constantine the Great. Constantine was succeeded in 337 by Constantius II, who massacred most of the other…


Flora by  Norman Tellis, 2000. Materials: Smalti, metallic vitreous glass, glass baubles. The Floralia is a Roman festival in honor of Flora, goddess of flowers and the season of Spring, that begins May 27th or 28 and lasts for six days. Dating to 238 BCE, the Floralia was celebrated in ancient times with sacrifice to the goddess,…

Thought and Memory

Thought and Memory by Suzie MacKenzie, circa 2010. Digital hybrid print, edition of 3. In Norse mythology, Odin kept two tame ravens named Hugin and Munin – Thought and Memory. This print is accompanied by a haiku written by the artist: ‘Steadfast, the night-dark kin keep watch over sentience – Thought and Memory.

Christian Privilege

So I bought something at Ebay yesterday. Got a message today from the seller: “Thank you for your purchase. We serve an awesome god!” I think I’m gonna wait til AFTER the purchase arrives to send the seller a message: “Hey, I serve awesome gods, too…and a bunch of awesome goddesses! Which god do you…

Julia Balbilla

hodie-scolastica: I, Balbilla, heard, when he sang from the stone,The divine voice of Memnon or Phamenoth.I had come here with my beloved queen Sabina;The sun was holding its course for the first hour.In the fifteenth year of Emperor Hadrian,When Hathyr was in his twenty-fourth day.On the twenty-fifth day of Hathyr. -Julia Balbilla, poem 4, 130…

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens

View of the Temple of Olympian Zeus as seen from the Acropolis. Photograph source: This date marks the Olympeia, an Athenian festival honoring Olympian Zeus. It was associated with the temple overlooking the Ilissos River conceived by the tyrant Pisistratus in the 6th century BCE. Building on such a monumental scale in that era was scorned as an…

Ride Hell for Leather

Ride Hell for Leather by MSL (Marossy Szilard Laszlo), 2016. This work of art is available.


calledtothegods: I really wish I could afford, and had space for, a rowing machine. ‘What gym do you go to?’ they’d ask. ‘Salamis’ I’d say. “How far did you row last week?” “Colchis.”

Sherds from the Sanctuary of Artemis Mounykhia, Piraeus

Geometric and Archaic sherds by Dan Diffendale, 2011. Via Flickr: X Upper left, a sherd depicting a charioteer. Upper right, a Geometric sherd including part of a ship, a fish, and a frieze of birds. Lower left, two Black Figure sherds including one depicting a diaulos player. Lower right, a sherd inscribed hιερ[ον (“sacred [to…]”)….