What’s your elevator speech?

Hecate Art Shoulder Bag by MickieMuellerStudio on Etsy.

What’s your elevator speech?

You know – the brief explanation you give when someone asks about the pendant you’re wearing, the design on your messenger bag or t shirt, or the collection of objects on your shelf. I’ve constructed many such speeches over the years. Your words can discourage idle curiosity, or help raise awareness of and tolerance for lesser-known religions and their adherents. My current elevator speech goes something like this:

I’m a polytheist, which means I worship many gods and goddesses. Polytheism recognizes that individuals have different interests and needs, and offers a flexible framework for devotions and personal conduct, rather than a fixed set of rules everyone must follow without exception. It encourages people to live full lives, and to respect each other and the world we share.

What’s your elevator speech? What sort of reactions do you get? How has it changed over time?


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