Sallustius on Worship

If we accept the view of Sallustius, as presented in his treatise “On the Gods and the World”, that the Gods are perfect beings and have no needs, some may question why the religion is characterized by sacrifice, libation, offerings and votive tokens.

Sallustius provides the reason when he discusses how the Gods are approached through acts of imitation and reciprocity. This means that we are able to attune ourselves to the sphere of influence of a particular God or Goddess through offering appropriate libations and tokens.

Household Worship, LABRYS, p43

The Sallustius quote is included on the page and describes temples and offerings, followed with “From all this, the Gods gain nothing. For what more could a god become than a god? We are the ones who gain through communing with them.” This is why we make offerings; this is why we tend sacred space, pray, praise them in hymn and song. The act of worship is in and of itself good for us.

(via winebrightruby)


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