Polytheist Prayer Journal Prompts


  • Write a thank you letter to the gods, the spirits, and/or the ancestors to describe something you feel extra-blessed with – either a situation you’ve found yourself in, a recent omen, etc.
  • Rewrite a favorite passage from Lore. Highlight the sentences or words that stand out in your mind. Meditate on their meaning in your life.
  • Make a list of all the times you’ve seen Them work in your life.
  • Write a list of Their epithets (ancient and/or modern). Choose one to meditate on. What does this name say about Them? What does it say about you, that you chose it?
  • Rewrite a myth (or passage from myth) in your own words.
  • What is a virtue that you’d like to work on, or that you struggle with? What can you do in the next week to incorporate it into your life?
  • Practice simple gratitude! What are three things you’re grateful for today? Let Them know what and why!
  • Copy quotes – from Lore, from music, from poetry – that remind you of your deities, or feel like messages from Them. Is there an overall theme or pattern you notice?
  • Was there ever a time that an aspect of your faith made you angry? (i.e., a need for privacy, feeling abandoned, lack of community) Why did it make you angry? How could (or how did, if the problem was finished) you resolve the problem?
  • Check in with yourself if you have a directive from your deities. How are you doing on that challenge? What are some things that are tripping you up when it comes to that directive? What are some things you can do to overcome that? Plan something for tomorrow, for next week, and for next month (if applicable).

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