Athena Lemnia

Athena Lemnia, Roman marble copy of bronze original by Phidias, circa 450 B.C.E.. Kurhaus, Wiesbaden. Photograph by HEN-Magonza via Flickr.

A community of Athenians living on the island of Lemnos commissioned Phidias to create a bronze statue of Athena, which they dedicated on the Acropolis. It stood between the Propylaea and the Erechtheion. The Athena Lemnia is characterized by goddess holding her helmet in the right hand and spear in the left, and wearing the aegis cross-body. It was regarded as the most beautiful of the three statues of Athena Phidias created for the Acropolis – the other two were the Athena Promachos and the Athena Parthenos.


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