5/30 Days of deity devotion

Day Five: Members of the family – genealogical connections

Asclepius has quite an interesting family tree!


His great-grandparents on his mother’s side are Coeus, the Titan of rational intelligence, and Phoebe, the Titaness of prophetic wisdom. Their daughter Leto married Zeus, and gave birth to Apollo and Artemis.

Asclepius is the son of Apollo, god of prophecy, and the arts and sciences, and Coronis, a mortal princess. Asclepius married Epione, with whom he had five daughters: Hygieia, Panacea, Aceso, Iaso, and Aglaea, and three sons: Machaon, Podalirius, and Telesphoros.

Image: Votive relief to Asclepius. A family of supplicants appeal to Asclepius and his family. 4th century BCE. National Archaeological Museum, Athens.

30 days of deity devotion meme


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