13/30 Days of deity devotion

Day Thirteen: What modern cultural issues are closest to this deity’s heart?

I suppose I’m one of those boring people who believe a deity’s focus doesn’t change much over time. Asclepius is a god of healing, and patron of healthcare providers. I think he probably would prefer that everyone in the world had access to clean water, nutritious food, and adequate healthcare, which isn’t the case. He would be concerned about the global shortage of healthcare providers to make goal that a reality.

I also suspect that he would prefer all of humanity had the freedom to worship him and his family, and free access to information to even know about them.

Image: Supplicants pray as Asclepius and a goddess, probably Hygieia, heal a female patientVotive relief from Asklepieion of Piraeus, 4th century BCE. Source: Archaeological Museum, Piraeus, Greece

30 days of deity devotion meme


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