26/30 Days of deity devotion

Day Twenty-six: How has your relationship with this deity changed over time?

I began to study Asclepius when I was working at a hospital, and my job changed from performing diagnostic testing to assisting in surgery. This happened to coincide with a global effort to improve patient safety by preventing wrong-site, wrong-side, and wrong-patient errors. It was intimidating, to say the least, to be learning surgical assisting at a time when stories of surgical errors were making the daily newspaper headlines and reported on the evening news broadcasts.

One thing that gave me confidence was that one of our surgeons was making a brilliant reputation by correcting other surgeon’s errors. The other was that Asclepius and Hygieia were patrons of my profession. I offered incense to them each morning before I went to work, and prayed to them when preparing the surgical suite for the day.

It turned out that one of my coworkers was dedicated to the Ascended Masters, and she would ask the team of surgical techs if anyone wanted to join her in prayer before the day’s cases started. Each participant would offer a prayer for the healing of our patients. The first time we worked together, she seemed surprised that I agreed to participate. I have no idea what I said, but it must have been eloquent because she told me afterward she felt “light and compassion” as a result, and asked me to tell her about Asclepius and Hygieia.

I felt very close to Asclepius during those years I worked in surgery, because my position was not unlike that of the ancillary staff that assisted physicians in ancient times.

I no longer work at the hospital, but I still offer incense to Asclepius and his family each day. My relationship with him helped make a habit of daily practice, and I look back fondly on the years I was able to serve him in a professional setting.

Image: Asclepius and Hygieia Bronze, Roman circa 100-150 CE. Getty Villa, Los Angeles, California. Photographed by Dave and Margie Hill, 2008 via Wikimedia Commons.

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