The wordpress experiment: evaluation after 5 weeks

On July 22, based on the news that Verizon was about to buy Yahoo (meaning that Tumblr was about to be assimilated yet again) I opened a mirror account at wordpress. Here are my thoughts:

– wordpress is cumbersome to use: posting is fairly straightforward, but you need to use a secondary page ( for customization. To add an image, you must upload it from file or url at the box labeled “featured image” whether you want to use it as a “featured” image or place it elsewhere in your post – and because WP allots 3GB per free plan, those images could become a problem for image-heavy blogs. Videos have to be embedded; don’t know about audio, haven’t tried that yet. Scheduling posts, and editing scheduled posts, is tricky. Some themes are free, but not all widgets are free, and not all widgets work with all available themes. There’s no easy way to cross-post to another site, which means taking extra time to post there after posting here.

– wordpress is the second side of nowhere: in 5 weeks, I’ve gained 12 followers. In the same time at Tumblr, I’ve gained over 300.

– wordpress is the home of Big Name Pagans: some of the most vocal of whom detest Tumblr and anyone who uses it, because we don’t adhere to the rules they’ve made and which, they assert, MUST be followed by Serious Polytheists. For having stood up for Tumblr and standing against their “rules”, I have been duly dissed by three of the BNPs and their followers. On the plus side, since there are probably fewer than 50 pagan bloggers at WP, that may be less than the number of people than I’ve pissed off over the years at Tumblr. (#_#)

Verdict: All this has given me a whole new appreciation for Tumblr.

I think the WP experiment has pretty much been a waste of time. If Tumblr goes south as a result of the Verizon acquisition, I will probably follow wherever the rest of the community goes. Which, considering the inherent problems, probably won’t be WP. I’ve been hearing good things about a site called Imzy, but then I heard good things about too – and that seems to have fizzled

I’m not abandoning my blog here, though I plan to post less frequently. The polytheist side of WP isn’t going to become any friendlier if everyone who tolerates diversity and promotes cooperation leave so that the haters have free reign to do what they do best.

My thanks to those who’ve followed me, liked and/or commented to this point. You’re the highlights of this experiment, and the reason I’m not deleting my WP. I hope you’ll accept this invitation to visit me at Tumblr is easy to use, with vibrant communities interested in paganism/polytheism, philosophy, mythology, classical studies, ancient history, archaeology, art history, and more. I’d be honored to show you around and introduce you to my friends there.

May the gods bless your path, and may Fortune favor you!


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