IN LIVING COLOR: Greco-Roman Polychrome Sculpture and Architecture

  The restrained good taste of the late 18th-century version of antiquity is compelling and still very much with us. It is also completely wrong. Source: IN LIVING COLOR: Greco-Roman Polychrome Sculpture and Architecture Image: Modern color reconstruction of Chios Kore, c. 510 BCE-540 BCE, Munich, Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek.

The Troth takes a stand against racism, sexism, and homophobia

On Tuesday, August 30, the Troth issued an official statement on its blog: Racism and Homophobia are not Heathen, that is not what our service folk bring to our banners. Loyalty, courage, self-discipline, honour and frith you may find in our teachings, industriousness, self reliance and hospitality as well. You will find no hate in…

Are most polytheists okay with Galina being our self-appointed spokesperson?

Does anyone else see the irony in Galina’s outrage about the Troth’s statement strongly condemning racism, homophobia, and similar forms of discrimination? How does she expect anyone to take her seriously when complains about “polytheists attacking another group of polytheists – and not just verbally but with real world consequences”,  while her blog is a record…


September Fragment of a mosaic with the months of the year. First half third century CE. Discovered in the city of Thysdrus, Roman province of Byzacena, (modern El Djem, Tunisia).  Archaeological Museum of Sousse.  Photograph by Ad Meskens, 2012.