The Troth takes a stand against racism, sexism, and homophobia

On Tuesday, August 30, the Troth issued an official statement on its blog:

Racism and Homophobia are not Heathen, that is not what our service folk bring to our banners. Loyalty, courage, self-discipline, honour and frith you may find in our teachings, industriousness, self reliance and hospitality as well. You will find no hate in our teachings, no barriers set up against race, gender or sexuality. These things are not Heathen.

The statement also specifically condemned the AFA’s racist, homophobic, and transphobic statement of August 21.

I applaud this statement of respect and support, as do all pagans, polytheists, and Heathens of good will. Hail, the Troth! Hail, the gods!



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