Sacred Nights of Antinous:

I am Osiris. Hail, thou divine first-born, who dost enter and dost speak before the divine Scribe and Doorkeeper of Osiris, grant that I may come. I have become a khu, I have been judged, I have become a divine being, I have come, and I have avenged mine own body. I have taken up my seat by the divine birth-chamber of Osiris, and I have destroyed the sickness and suffering which were there. I have become mighty, and I have become a divine being by the side of the birth-chamber of Osiris, I am brought forth with him, I renew my youth…

– Coming Forth By Day, From the Papyrus of Mes-em-neter, Naville, Bd. I, Bl. 81. Source:

Today, October 31, the modern cult of Antinous celebrates the triumph of Antinous over death.

Ave Ave Antinoe Liberator,
Homo Deus, Victor, Pacis Imperator!

Featured Image: Egyptian Figure, possibly Antinous, holding in his hands a plaque incised with a design. Probably made in Italy, circa 1800, Rosso antico marble  © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. (via Egyptian figure (Statuette) | V&A Search the Collections)