Antinous Triumphant

Today, October 31, the modern cult of Antinous celebrates the triumph of Antinous over death. Ave, Ave Antinoe Liberator! Homo Deus, Victor, Pacis Imperator!

Foundation Day

Today, October 30, the modern cult of Antinous celebrates Foundation Day, the founding of the city of Antinoopolis by Hadrian on this date in 130 CE – and also the founding of the modern cult of Antinous on this date in 2002. Ave, Ave, Antinoe! Featured Image: Votive brick-tile with a portrait of Antinous After 130 CE,…

Antinous in the Underworld

Today, October 29, the modern cult of Antinous commemorates the descent of Antinous to the Underworld. Anyone, Egyptian or foreigner, known to have been carried off by a crocodile or drowned by the river itself, must by all means be embalmed and wrapped as attractively as possible and buried in a sacred coffin by the…

The cult of Antinous: free online resources

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but should be helpful to those first learning about Antinous, and hopefully suggest directions for further research to those interested in learning more. In addition to the links below, I also modestly suggest my own #Antinous and #Hadrian tags for more information. The Modern Cult of Antinous:…

Death of Antinous

Today, October 28, the modern cult of Antinous commemorates the death of Antinous on the Nile in 130 C.E., in Upper Egypt, near modern al-Minyā, along the north bank of the river. Featured image: Nile River, Egypt by Jang Woo Lee, 2006 via Wikimedia Commons (X). License:  Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported